As a plastic surgery practice (or any cosmetic practice, really) one of your most viewed (if not THE most viewed) pages is your before/after gallery. Why? People want to see the kind of work you do, and we’re a very image-driven society. So optimize your before/after gallery to increase procedure conversion rates!

(Need to optimize your website first? We’ll show you how!)

How Can You Use Your Before/After Gallery To Increase Procedure Conversion Rates?

Take Photos Systematically-We know your expertise may not be photography. Here are some tips for great quality before/after shots.
• Use a tripod to steady the shot.
• Tape lines on the floor for different angles to ensure consistency.
• Center the patient in the camera frame.
• Before taking “after” photos, reference the “before” photo.
• Save pictures under a consistent file name.

Before/After Picture FAQs
Q: How much information should we provide about each before/after photo?
A: The more information you provide, the more content that is about to be picked up in a search engine. So, the more information provided, the more likely you’ll be found in a search. Of course, consider patient privacy and signed releases before including information.

Q: How many cases should I show?
A: The more the merrier! The before/after gallery is one of the most viewed sections, so the more cases you have, the more you have to be seen. Additionally, the more cases you have, the more likely a potential patient will be to find a case that is relevant to their needs.

Q: Okay, the more the merrier. But how many shots/angles per case?
A: 5 shots minimum. However, remain consistent. You may do 5 shots for a CoolSculpting session (front facing, left facing, left lateral, right facing, right lateral) and only 3 shots for a facelift (front facing, left facing, right facing). Keep the amount of shots/angles consistent for each procedure.

Using the tips above, you can increase procedure conversion rates with the most viewed section of your website, your before/after photo gallery! Wondering how to bring more patients in? By giving them an offer they can’t resist! Download our checklist by submitting the form below and get some clever ideas!

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