You might have heard the concept of “being where your consumers are.” For example, you’re at the dentist for a teeth cleaning. You go back in the chair, head laid back, you look up, and what do you see on the ceiling? A poster for teeth whitening. Your eyes have no other choice but to read the poster, right? Exactly. That poster is placed exactly where you’re looking, a prime example of “being where you are.” Find out how marketing “where your clients are” can increase cosmetic dentistry revenue.

Increase Cosmetic Dentistry Revenue With These Tips:

1. YouTube Channel-If you don’t have one already, start a YouTube channel and create videos specific to your practice and your services. Do you offer teeth whitening? Veneers? Create videos that explain how exactly those procedures work. Think about questions your patients ask. What’s the difference between veneers and implants? Answer it in a video!

2. Put It Out There-After creating videos and starting a YouTube channel, share your videos on your social media accounts You can also create a YouTube playlist to display on a smart TV that you have in your waiting area. Rather than having the news display in the background, your patients can learn more about the procedures you offer. Make your videos interesting and fun to get (and keep) people’s attention.

3. Apps-Do you remember the last time you were within an arm’s distance from your smart phone? Exactly. The majority of us have grown accustomed to our smart phones being attached to our palm. And why do we use our smart phones? Apps. In fact, apps currently command 86% of the time that the average US mobile consumer spends on their smartphone. Consider creating a branded app for your practice! Apps are an excellent way to provide information about your services.

You can easily increase cosmetic dentistry revenue through marketing and simply by “being where you consumers are.” Do you have a dominant online presence? If not, you should! Find out your marketing grade by submitting the form below. Not up to par? Let us help!

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