I love when this happens:

Someone asks me what I do for work. I say “inbound marketing.” They look at me blankly and say “what?”

Just kidding, I actually hate when that happens.

Inbound marketing is a relatively “new” form of marketing. Rather than you going to someone to sell your services, you bring someone to you to buy your services. Outbound vs. inbound. Check out our nifty little graphic below:

Inbound Marketing Graphic

Am I angry that no one knows what I do for a living? NO! I’ve just made it my mission to educate people on what inbound marketing actually is. Because I think if people become aware of inbound marketing and how it works, they will see the value in it and ultimately use it for their business.

So, now, when someone asks me what I do for work, I say “I make marketing that people love.”

(Okay, I don’t actually say that. But maybe I’ll try it…)

While I don’t really answer that way, maybe I should. After all, that’s really what inbound marketing is. It’s marketing people want to see. Marketing that is entertaining, helpful, and relevant. It’s marketing people love.

Inbound marketing is the difference between marketing with a magnet and marketing with a sledgehammer. As opposed to having to prospect business and go hard sell someone on something they don’t want, it’s bringing them to you…attracting them, if you will.

Don’t you think inbound marketing is something that can work for your business? It can! People are consuming media online today more than ever. Is that where your marketing is? It needs to be. And with SDB, it can! Contact us today to find out more!

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