You probably just read the title and asked, “What the heck is inbound marketing in Midland, Texas?”  At least you are asking the question.  If you have lived in Midland for a while, you understand that we are usually “behind the times” on innovation, except in the oil field.  We are good at innovation in the oil patch.  In a nutshell think of  inbound marketing as internet marketing.  Everything you do with it runs through the internet.  Inbound marketing when effectively done turns your website into a lead generating magnet, attracting prospects to your website and capturing their information.

The differences in inbound and outbound marketing explained.

Inbound vs. Outbound: The Breakdown

Look at how traditional media is consumed today:

Let’s take a look at the differences between traditional or “outbound” marketing and inbound marketing for Midland, Texas.  Traditional outbound marketing is like throwing darts.  Your dart is your marketing message with the dartboard being your target audience.  You create your message, the dart, and throw it at the target hoping to hit it and get a return on your investment.  This has been the main method companies have used to attract new customers for a century, and it still works.  It used to work a lot better before the internet and DVRs came along.  The main problem marketers face with traditional marketing today is this:  We have become an “on-demand” society. 

  • Television – rarely watched live unless it is news programming or live sports.  We record the shows we like and skip the commercials or watch the shows on Netflix
  • Radio – who doesn’t have commercial free satellite radio today
  • Outdoor – yes we still drive everywhere, but it is an expensive media to buy if you want full market coverage
  • Direct mail – do you really want to read direct mail after checking the hundreds of emails you received today?
  • Newspaper – death by internet
  • Yellow Pages – death by internet

I’m not saying that traditional media does not work.  The point here is that it is harder to make it work than it used to be thanks to the internet.  SDB Creative Group still buys a significant amount of traditional media for our clients, but we are also incorporating those buys with inbound marketing in Midland, Texas.  Why?  It puts our clients in the best position to be successful.  Now let’s look at what you need to be doing in your inbound marketing program.

A quality inbound marketing program 1. Attracts visitors to your website. 2. Converts those visitors to leads. 3. Allows you to close those leads and create new customers.  4. Gives you the ability to continually delight your customers and prospects.  The four key words are “Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight.”

Attracting visitors

Quality content is the key for attracting visitors to your website.  96% of consumers will do some form of research online before buying.  Wouldn’t it be best for you if they could find the information they are looking for on the products and services you offer on your website?  If you don’t, someone else already is.  So get over hiding  how things work in your business.  Put your best information out there for them to find.    I’ll get to how this will help you in the next section.  Use your social media, blogs, email, and even pay per click advertising to highlight the wealth of knowledge you have available.

It is highly recommended to do some keyword research in advance too so you can see how often the keywords of your products and services offered are being searched for.  This will give you great insight on what areas to really focus on that will be more profitable for you.  When you create this content make sure that  you are fully optimizing the titles and keywords so that search engines like Google will be able to find your content.  Also make sure to include enough content.  A good rule of thumb is no less than 300 words.  That may sound like a lot, but when you get going 300 words will be easy.

To find out if your website is optimized to work for you, sign up for our FREE Web Analysis by clicking HERE or on the image below. We will compare your website to others in the industry and show you how you can improve your website’s performance.

Converting visitors to leads

So now you’re giving away your best information and more people are coming to your website.  How do you take advantage of that?  Build special forms and landing pages on your website that will convert these visitors to qualified leads.  They’ve read your article on how the new XYZ Widget is going to save them time and make them more money.  Include a special offer inside your content that they can’t resist not taking.  It could be a coupon, free analysis, an complimentary evaluation, an Ebook on “how to”, or a special financing offer.  There is really no limit to what you can offer.  The main thing is to make it worth your visitor taking the offer.

Now you get to ask for something back.  You’re going to give them this great Ebook on solving some problem, but not for free.  You ask for their information.  Require your visitor to fill out a form on your website containing key contact information for you to use in contacting them.  Once they have given their name, email, phone, etc. and submitted the form, they can download the content you are offering.

Now you have a lead.

Closing the leads

Now that your website has created a quality lead, it is time for you to turn them into a customer.  This is basic salesmanship.  Call your new lead within a couple of hours and thank them for their interest.  Discover wants and needs and identify any pain points they have.  Set an appointment to illustrate how your products and services can solve their problems.  Add the new contact to your email database at the very least to keep your name in front of them and alert them to future information and specials you are offering.

Continue to delight

Now that you have an active subscriber to your email and/or blog continue to send them information that is of value.  This is your opportunity to show that you are a true expert in your field, and that trusting their business to a competitor might be a mistake for them.  Blog once a week and email at a minimum one time per month.  Once a week for email is ideal.

Get started with SDB Creative Group

This is a very “general” overview of inbound marketing.  There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into quality content and publishing it.  Most companies successfully doing it either have dedicated staff for inbound or they outsource it to a professional firm like SDB Creative Group.  We’re obviously biased to outsourcing, but it does make very good financial sense for most businesses.  You have immediate expertise, no payroll taxes, no benefit expenses, and no downtime due to staff turnover.  Your inbound program continues to run smoothly and effectively without any internal headaches.

The question for your business is not if you need to do it.  It is when are you going to get started.  Your business having a significant presence on the internet becomes more important day by day as our society depends upon the internet for information.  So now in closing, we invite you to download our free Inbound Marketing eBook by clicking HERE or on the image below to begin your journey in inbound marketing in Midland, Texas.

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