The Technical Side of Inbound Marketing

So you’ve decided that inbound marketing is the way to go. I mean, it’s marketing your customers want. And you’re all about making your customers happy (and coming back for more). But technically, how can you implement an inbound program?

What a pain to publish blogs out of Word Press, posts out of Facebook, Tweets from Twitter, emails from mail chimp, online ads in AdWords, and reporting it all in Google analytics. Right. What a pain.

HubSpot, the technical side of inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing & Hubspot…a lovely combination!

Inbound Marketing Meets HubSpot

Let me introduce you to HubSpot. Hubspot is the best thing to happen to inbound marketing since inbound marketing itself. It’s the software used to most easily and effectively launch and measure an inbound marketing campaign. Basically, all the elements of inbound marketing are done within HubSpot. It’s all in one place and super convenient for you, the marketer.

All social media platforms are housed in the social section. Emails are generated from the email section. Reports are generated in the report section. And last, but not least, all your current marketing efforts are being measured on the HubSpot dashboard. Inbound marketing done all in one place. Ahhhh.

HubSpot doesn’t limit themselves to the social aspect of inbound marketing, you can also build landing pages and call to action images within HubSpot. Templates are created for you, based off your website. You can then use these templates to build landing pages and thank you pages for all your offers. Which reminds me, if you have offers in PDF form, you can house those in HubSpot’s Design Manager. Again, everything in one happy place!

What about the contacts you’re collecting from all those leads you’re generating? Contact database. Sorted by the specific form they’ve submitted. You can further sort these contacts into lists to segment your email marketing. Again, ahhhh.

That’s Where We Come In

Hubspot is obviously awesome software to implement inbound marketing. However, if you aren’t willing to learn HubSpot yourself, you’ll need someone qualified to configure all the settings and work the software itself (unless you want to get a HubSpot certification). That’s where we come in. We want to help you launch and measure a remarkable inbound marketing program!

Interested in more inbound marketing information? Take a look at our eBook! It’s free! Download by clicking here or the image below. Happy HubSpotting!

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