When I write a blog, I begin by thinking of a topic that is relevant to the readers, and I begin typing away. At the end of every blog, my mind begins to wander on which image I should use to complete my masterpiece. A huge, maybe even most important element of a blog is the image, so it’s important to get this step right. Here, let’s talk about how  image content can make or break your readers’ interest.

What You See Is…What You Think

The reason why image content is such a heavy hitter is pretty simple. It’s the FIRST thing besides the title that will grab your readers’ attention. Much like on a first date, first impressions really count here, people.

It Has To Make SenseImage Content

Look at this image. Wait, what exactly is it? Is that a dog reaching his paw THROUGH a computer screen? First of all, am I the only one thinking, “Who’s idea was this?” Okay, moving on. If this image was a featured image of a blog that had nothing to do with dogs or computers, we’d all be scratching our tails…I mean heads! Sorry that image content is distracting as well as unrelated to any blog my mind can think of.

Graphics Or Images?

Some people prefer graphics or illustrations as their main source of imagery in a blog or post. The trick here is to keep it consistent throughout that specific blog. If you start with illustrations, be wary of throwing an image in there. You want a consistent and fluid look.

SDB Provides Images

Did you know we offer photography? Do you want personal, product or team specific images for your business and/or website? We can help! We also work hard to be sure your content and imagery is relevant to your business and will generate the message you wish to portray.

Leave it up to us! We’ll make your image content stand out!

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