“If you wait much longer, you’ll be too late!” Who hasn’t hear this before? The truth is we all LOVE a good deal, but most of the time, these deals are not as good as they seem.

A new discount chain opened up in our area a couple of months ago. I was one of the first to go check it out on opening day. There were plenty of good deals to be had throughout the store, but what caught my attention the most was the maze check-out line with items to buy all along the way. Everyone in front of me picked up at least one of these impulse buys, I think most people just can’t help themselves, especially when faced with what seems like a good deal, but really all it does is make us spend money on items we were not intending on buying and blowing a budget. Good for the store, not good for our wallets!

Is this how your marketing plan is for your business? Do the promotional t-shirt companies call for a $500 donation and a spot on the back of a shirt to support a local team? Do the radio reps come in with a special offer just for this week? Has a television rep offered a free commercial for your business along with a great deal on a schedule? Were any of these “deals” part of your advertising budget set at the beginning of the year or was that toast by the second quarter?

However, if a business doesn’t have a set marketing plan and budget for the year, often the business marketing message is inconsistent and ineffective. SDB Creative Group works with our clients to establish their goals for the upcoming year, develop a strategic marketing plan that would incorporate, traditional media, digital media and promotional media, talk to all of the people with their “offers”, so you don’t have to, and makes sure you stay on track with your message and your budget.

The best time to get your plan together for 2013 is now. If you would like to schedule an appointment to go over your 2013 marketing plan and how we could help you stay on track and on budget, call us today!

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