This week, we’ve given you the rundown on SEO and how to achieve maximum search engine result performance. If you’ve missed any of it, get caught up here.

Another SEO best practice that you can easily do is get on Google Plus. Once known as Google Places, Google has recently made updates to their site and included a one-click upgrade to create a Google Plus business page. So, Google Places is now Google Place for Business.

Google Plus Is A Must

Being on Google Plus is critical because it adds additional information about your business to search, Google Maps, and other Google properties. Having a presence on Google Plus is important due to its’ reason for being created in the first place. Google created Google Plus to compete in the social media game (Twitter & Facebook) but to also improve search engine results. Basically, it’s an easy way to increase your online awareness as well as your results placement (I mean, after all, it is owned by Google).

Getting on Google Plus is a relatively easy process. One that will definitely pay off. Learn how to get on Google Plus by following this easy how-to guide.

Once you get on Google Plus, you have to be consistent in posting to your page. Google won’t recognize your profile as active if you don’t have a constant stream of posts. Follow Google’s recommendations for building your profile (cover photo, profile picture, hashtags, posts with images, etc.)

Like everything we’ve discussed this week, Google Plus is just one of many factors that affect your SEO. SEO starts with the structure of your entire website. How is your website structured? Is it built for optimum search engine results? We can tell you! Contact us by submitting the form below.

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