Over the last few weeks, my time has been filled with travel, spending lots of time with friends and family, and basically working my tail off. I’ve been busy. It doesn’t surprise me that I’ve been feeling a little rundown and overwhelmed. When I start feeling that way, my brain just sort of shuts down. My great ideas dry up, and I have a hard time focusing. However, I have a few ways that I use personally to jump start your productivity.

Make A List

Making a list is the easiest way for me to feel like I’ve got it together. Having a physical reminder (especially an electronic one that pops up on all my devices) around helps me keep on task.

If you’ve already read Part 1 and Part 2 of my mini-series on task management apps, you know I’m a fan of technology. I genuinely feel guilty when I don’t complete a task. When I’m feeling particularly stressed out, prioritizing helps keep stay on top of my day. It’s also incredibly gratifying to mark things off as they’re accomplished.

A good list is made of of three D’s:

  1. Determine your top goals for the day and mark them as priorities.
  2. Decide if you can move tasks to another day, if possible.
  3. Delegate some tasks to others, if you’re able to do so.

Does Marketing Give You A Headache?

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Learn To Say No

“Are you free to go to dinner one day this week?”

“Can you watch my cat this weekend?”

“We need your help with our upcoming event.”

Most people instinctively want to say yes. However, when you’re already overwhelmed and anxious already, it’s actually better that you finish what you start prior to beginning a new commitment. Ask if you can defer a request for a certain number of days. If not, it may be better to decline rather that half-heartedly engage yourself in a new obligation.

Nix The Distractions

Does your phone ping with emails constantly like mine does? Do you consistently get roped into a group text messages? How much time do you spend on social media when you could be focusing on other projects? It’s really easy to get distracted.

The trick I use for combating distractions is fairly simple. I put on my headphones with some good music going, set a timer for 45 minutes, and place my devices in airplane mode. It helps to avoid emails, texts, calls, or other distractions. The timer helps remind to take a break to walk around and quickly check for any major issues. Then I repeat the process until the project is completed. It genuinely helps to refocus your brain on getting things done.

Are you feeling productive yet? SDB wants you to remember that marketing doesn’t have to feel like a productivity block for you. We make it our goal to handle your marketing needs. I’ll be back tomorrow with a second installment.

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