This week, we’re growing your business with digital marketing! Yesterday, we discussed how a PPC campaign can benefit your business. Today, we’re tackling another element…email marketing.

Email Marketing

BLAH. Email marketing. Just the term can make you want to click away, but don’t! Let us tell you a secret…

Email marketing CAN benefit your business. In fact, email has a return on investment of over 4000%! (Yes, we meant to type 4000.) Email marketing remains one of the main ways to reach your prospects, leads, and clients. Are you utilizing this (surprisingly) effective method?


Email marketing must be done the right way to be effective and to grow your business. What does the “right way” mean?

1. An intriguing subject line that MAKES the receiver WANT to open the email.
2. Include a “call to action” that instructs the receiver what to do (direct traffic to your website).
3. Give incentive (coupon, loyalty program, promotion, etc.) to open your email (including it in the subject line is a great idea).
4. Be entertaining…don’t bore your receivers! Everyone loves a laugh!
5. Make the “from” address your name (or someone’s name) as opposed to a business email. People are more likely to open an email from an individual than a business.

Here’s A Tip…

A secret to creating an awesome email that will grow your business? Ask yourself this question: “Would I open this email?” and “Would I click the contents of the email to learn more?” More than likely, if the answer is “yes,” you’re on the right track.

Ready to get started with an email marketing campaign today? Not sure you can do it alone? Well, lucky you! At SDB, we’re email marketing experts. We’d be happy to help you get started. Contact us here! 

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