Every business owner wants to grow their business.

That’s exactly what we’re doing this week! Let us show you how you can use different components of digital marketing to grow your business. So far, we’ve discussed PPC and email marketing. Today, we’ll cover blogging.

Blogging Defined.

Blogging is writing articles (300-500 words), relevant to the keyword searches of your consumers, that go on your website. So basically, blogs are just like industry-specific articles.

So What’s The Point?

Ahh, we’re glad you asked! Blogging has several different “points,” all supplementing your online presence. Some main reasons to blog are:

  • To increase the number of indexed pages on your website, contributing to your website’s search engine optimization.
  • To create an “industry leader position” within your market (AKA to look better than your competition).
  • To drive traffic to your website by sharing blogs on social media, within emails, etc.

What Do You Write About?

When deciding what to write on, keep the “give the people what they want” mentality. So, what are your consumers looking for? What kind of information will they find helpful, entertaining, interesting, etc.? You can use a keyword traffic estimator to see what kind of terms your consumers are searching. Focus your blog content around those popular keywords.

Now What?

You’ve decided what to write on…now what? Make sure to optimize your blog content around a keyword or phrase and include that word or phrase throughout your blog, in headings, meta tags, captions, alt tags, body content, etc. This will increase your SEO for that keyword. (A word of caution: don’t go overboard! No one wants to read the same word over and over…and over again.)

In addition to optimizing your content, be sure to include images and a “call to action” at the end of your blog. Images keep the blog interesting and a “call to action” tells your readers what to do after reading.

Get Started!

If your website doesn’t have a blog section, you’re a step behind! Get started blogging today! Still stuck? Or decide you need more information? We’d love to help! Request a free consultation with us by submitting the form below!

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