This week, we’ve been discussing how to grow your business with different aspects of digital marketing. So far, we’ve covered PPC, email marketing, and blogging. Each of these work together to earn the attention of your consumer and create a “top of the mind” awareness of your brand.

Next, we’ll be covering the “big kahuna” of digital marketing, the component that encompasses all your digital marketing efforts. Think of this as the stem from which the flower grows. Grow your business with a website.

Your Website.

Your website is critical to the success of your digital marketing efforts. All of your “external” efforts (PPC, email marketing, blogging, etc.) should direct back to your website. For this reason, your website should be top-notch.

What does it take to have a top-notch website?
Well, many factors play into the quality of a website, but here are some of the most important:

  • SEO-Your site should be optimized to show up for search engine results.
  • User Friendly-Make sure your site is easy to use/navigate. No one will stay on a page that is confusing or complicated.
  • Visual Appeal-You site should be “easy on the eyes,” with images and graphics.
  • Rich Content-Every website should have quality content that is optimized appropriately. Make sure your customers find what they want by coming to your website.
  • Updated-Make frequent updates to your website. Not only for the updated information, but also for the search engine results.

Again, there are more factors to consider when building a website. One of which is mobile optimization/responsive design. Right now, that could be considered THE most important after Google’s new algorithm launch. Learn more about that HERE.

Digital Marketing Will Grow Your Business

As you’ve seen, digital marketing CAN grow your business. If fact, if done the right way, digital marketing WILL grow your business. We’d be happy to show you how. Request a FREE consultation with us and we’ll not only show you examples of businesses that experienced growth with digital marketing, but we’ll show you exactly how it can work for YOUR business. Grow your business with a website. Get started by submitting the form below!

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