I need to make one more contribution to this series of SDB Marketing Chronicles. I was walking through my bedroom Wednesday night with some thoughts about my blog that had been published about buying a Z06. It was at that moment that I thought, “Wait a minute. Have you bought anything not online lately?”

I’m sure I have. Gas, some groceries, a few trips to Top Golf, but that’s about it. I’ll let you guys in on a secret here. I even buy my shampoo and body wash online, and it’s not the fancy stuff. We’re talking Suave and Dial here. Let’s think for a minute how the internet has revolutionized shopping for men. We don’t have to any more. What a perfect world this has become! This past Christmas shopping season not once did I darken the doors of Best Buy, Target, the mall, or even the evil Wal-Mart. Every single purchase was made online…except for the $5 coffee mug warmer I bought last minute at Bath and Body Works. Somehow with that small purchase I talked myself into $1,100 worth of Roombas for my wife. They were promptly returned the day after Christmas. That is another story.

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The Point…

The point is men do not have to do one of the things they dread the most anymore, shop at stores. If we want something, it’s easy. We Google it. We find it. We may research it. We have it delivered to our door. Simple. Superior shopping in our minds. I think this deserves a new word, combining man and shopping. Maybe not. We don’t’ want to take this too far.

Want to test this theory out? Ask the next man what he either wants for Father’s Day or what he is planning on buying his father. If he knows, ask him if he found or researched that item online. If he doesn’t know yet, come back five minutes later and see if he is searching “best Father’s Day gifts 2015” online. Online shopping has truly revolutionized the way we purchase, and therefore the way we “do” marketing.

Enjoy your Father’s Day weekend!

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