All week, I’ve been explaining “how it works.” It being Internet marketing. If you’ve missed any, you’re really missing out. No worries! Catch up here!

Yesterday, we talked about how your website, and the optimization behind it, is critical to being found online. Today, we’re talking about how to supplement your online presence with a little something we like to call social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Once you have a killer website, it’s time to show it off! One of the best places to do that is on social media. Whether it’s announcing your new website, or sharing a new blog post, the more exposure of your website, the better. Plain and simple.

Get Social!

…with social media marketing, that is!

Our advice? If you aren’t on social media, you can’t utilize the magic of social media marketing. So first, create, build, and maintain a social media presence.

How do you know which social media profiles are right for you? Ask yourself which profiles your customers are on. That’s where you want to be, too!

Once you’ve chose the social media platform(s) for your business, social media marketing (which is a part of the “Internet marketing puzzle”) can begin. Sharing content directly related to your business (direct content) is important, but sharing content that isn’t directly related to your business (indirect content) is important too! For example, if you are a children’s clothing boutique, it is great to share information about your Spring clearance sale, but you should also share things like kid friendly recipes, fun books to read with your children, etc.

Social media marketing is a vital part of your Internet marketing strategy and just one of the many ways you can utilize the technology behind Internet marketing. If you need help getting started or if you’re looking for someone to manage your current online efforts, give us a call or submit the form above!

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