This week, I’m telling you “how it works.”

How what works, you ask?

Internet marketing! It’s THE way to market your business. However, in order to make you feel confident about the marketing investment you’re making, you need to be told how it works. Wouldn’t you agree?

In Part One, we discussed the basic concept of Internet marketing, how it’s all about attracting your customers and developing a top of the mind awareness. (This is opposed to hard selling, cold calling, etc.)

You might say oh! Well I already do that! I send out direct mail pieces that attract my customers, billboards that gain their attention, and the Yellow Pages that help them find me when I need my services!

Internet Marketing…

…it can work for you too!

Well, that brings me to Part 2 of our “How It Works” series.

Outdated Media Doesn’t Work. Internet Marketing Does.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but those forms of media and outdated and ineffective. For example, if I were to send you a telegram to communicate, you would not only not receive the message but you would laugh at the mere though of telegram communication. It’s outdated and ineffective.

But, if I were to send you a text or direct message on Facebook, you would not only receive my message, but you would probably respond within minutes of me sending it.

That’s how Internet marketing works. It’s instant. It’s available when people want it, where they want it. You find out what they want, and you give it to them…how they want it.

Makes sense, right?

Don’t worry, we aren’t done yet! Stay tuned for the rest of our “How Does It Work” series to be continued tomorrow! But, in the meantime, you can always contact us for any marketing questions you may have by submitting the form above!

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