Last week, we looked at the history of advertising from the early Egyptians through the beginning of radio and TV commercials. Now we’re back with the History of Advertising Part 2. Advertising in the 70’s became more emotional and advertisers began to use clever phrases and melodies to capture the consumer’s attention which helped make the advertising message more memorable. Some of the greatest jingles came out of the 70’s. See if you can remember a few of these from Dr. Pepper, Oscar Meyer, Coca-Cola and Slinky.

The late 1980’s and early 1990’s saw the introduction of cable television and by the end of the 90’s the internet opened a new frontier of advertisers. By 2000, search engines like Google and Yahoo offered new ways to advertise by specifically targeting what  the user  was searching for in their search engine. This type of interactive advertising lead to the new genre of advertising, Social Media.

Social Media is a type of advertising that involves unusual approaches to facilitate encounters with potential consumers. This type of advertising causes consumers to buy the product or idea. This idea furthers the trend of interactive and “embedded” ads, such as via product placement, having consumers vote through text messages, and various innovations utilizing social network services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

In the 1020’s the main source of advertising for a new business was newspaper, signs on street cars and outdoor posters. By 1998, television and radio stood as a main way advertising dollars were spent by a business. The future is now the internet and unlimited possibilities it holds to market a business, not just locally, but  worldwide.  As we have seen throughout the past, advertising is always changing and at a faster pace that ever before. This can make keeping ahead of the trends even more difficult, but more important than ever.

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