Welcome to the (Bill Gates declared) “Digital Decade.” 

Advertising in the 2000s began to revolutionize advertising as we once knew it.

The oncoming of the Internet in the 90s, brought on all kinds of possibilities for advertising in the 2000s. While the majority of ad money and effort was still spent on TV, newspapers and radio, online ad spend began increasing as consumers spent more time online. In 2000, one out of every forty homes had a broadband network (2.6 million). In 2009, there were 80 million, or 67% of the entire population. In fact, “broadband” went from being practically unknown to a common household term.

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TV Transformation

The television experience was completely transformed as well. Digital video recorders reached 31 million homes and HDTV reached 51 million. Together, this and online video/on-demand video not only changed the experience for consumers, but for marketers as well.

At the start of the decade, having more than one phone per household was unusual. The terms “iPhones, BlackBerries, and Androids” were entirely unfamiliar for most. But by 2010, out of 307 million U.S. adults, 270 million had mobile phone subscriptions. And mobile phones were ONLY recognized as being “iPhones, BlackBerries, or Androids.”

Here’s a crazy concept…

Most people hadn’t heard of “Google” in 2000. In fact, the company celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008.

Digital marketing spending went from $6.2 billion in 1999 to $25.6 billion in 2009. Technology was shifting and marketers were fighting for the advantage of knowledge. Technology advances and the corresponding advertising in the 2000s might have caused the “digital decade” for consumers, but the 20-teens would be the “digital decade” for marketers…

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