If you’ve read our blog series this week on hiring a marketing agency, you’re probably already convinced that you need to hire an outside marketing agency for your business’ marketing and advertising needs. But, if that’s not the case, we’ll continue onto benefit number 3!

Benefit 3: Maintain Efficiency

To avoid hiring a marketing agency, or even a marketing staff, some business owners try to assign social media/graphic design/content creation duties to existing staff. These business owners know there is a need for these creative services, but aren’t willing to make the investment in their business. Don’t make the mistake of relying on existing employees to manage your marketing!

Fact Of The Matter

Fact of the matter is this: those employees already have jobs. More than likely, they are already busy in those jobs and in order to maintain efficiency within your business, you should not add other unfamiliar responsibilities to their workload. Additionally, these “unfamiliar responsibilities” (creative services) will be pushed to the back burner until they no longer get done. Then you’re back to square one without any marketing (and probably disgruntled employees).

It’s Not Worth It

Don’t give your employees a job that they aren’t qualified to do. You’re only risking the productivity of your business and compromising the results from your marketing efforts. It’s not worth it! Even if employees seem willing to take on the marketing burden, they shouldn’t have to. Again, it’s not worth losing productivity (and potentially employees).

Bite the bullet. Hiring a marketing agency is the best decision for your company. Still need more reasons why? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog, Hiring A Marketing Agency: Benefit 4. We’ll have you convinced before the end of the week!

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