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The World Wide Web is exploding these days. It seems that everyone can label themselves a “Web Designer”. But what qualifies someone? Many hosting programs and websites have made it easy for the everyday human to make and customize their own site. With templates, you can add and take out things you want and design a site that at one time was unimaginable. While hiring a professional can offer you a site you can build from the ground up. BUT as a business should you take the risk and do it yourself (DIY) or should you hire a professional?

Here are the pros and cons of both:

Using a template can make web design easy. It allows the “designer” to be creative and somewhat customize their site to their liking. Most programs have made it simple to put together and BOOM you have a site. Who knew?! BUT what happens when you need to add specific text here or certain font there, or even take out that little space so the site flows… well that is where a template may not be your best option.

Hiring a professional vs. using a template

How to know if you should hire a professional or just use a template!

The biggest draw back about using a template is the lack of complete freedom and custom design. When you are designing a site for a business it needs to flow with your business model and style. You need to make custom changes to mirror what is going on in your business. Within a template you are restrained to the pre-designed format. Unless you can get into the html files you can only go so far. Which is why a business website requires hiring a professional.

Professionals are educated and experienced in the language of HTML, CSS, Photoshop, etc. Anything you can dream of is attainable. Your site is completely custom. It is very important as a business to add and alter the most minute details in order to accomplish a successful site. And how can you do that? Hire a professional.

Did you know that it only takes 90 seconds for the unconscious mind to make a decision about the product/company when looking at you website? And 93% of people will only work with a company that has a pleasant visual appearing website. This stresses the importance of hiring a professional to make sure your site is always working at its full potential while also having every element and attribute benefiting those visiting your site.

We Can Help!

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