We’re sure you’ve seen them…the “how to do marketing” blogs. We’ve published them, blogs on social media how-to’s, digital must-haves, blogging templates, etc. Well today, we’re covering a different aspect on the same topic…how NOT to do marketing.

When you have some time, write a blog

Kudos for writing a blog. At least you understand the importance of creating unique content for your website, that’s a great start. However, “some time” doesn’t come around very often and blogging needs to be consistent. Set a time, twice a week for 30 minutes maybe, to brainstorm/develop/write a blog. Don’t wait until you have “some time.”


Isn’t digital marketing supposed to be fun, current, and exciting?! Yes. However, you cannot just decide on a whim that you’ll write a blog on best rated slow cookers if you’re in the environmental studies industry. And you can’t create a social media presence that attracts 15-18 year olds if your target audience is ages 30-45. YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN. I know, plans aren’t always “fun, current, and exciting,” but they’re necessary. Know WHY you’re implementing content marketing, WHAT you expect to achieve, WHO you’re target audience is and WHERE they are online and be there WHEN they need you (all the time). Strategy people, strategy leads to success. Take a look at what we have to offer on your marketing strategy here.

I’m on Facebook, now what?

Great, you (or your business) has a presence on Facebook. Pat on the back. Now what? It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook profile. You must consistently publish to Facebook (at least once daily) and share your own content (the blogs you’re setting aside time for to write, remember?). BUT WAIT! Don’t stop there! Share other peoples’ content as well (this is especially true on Twitter). Spreading content from your page to other pages not only helps for exposure (both yours and the content you’re sharing) but hopefully the favor will be returned!

There you have it! Three of the simplest ways to NOT to do marketing. Your intentions may be good, but it’s important to follow through and do it “right” in order to reap the reward of your marketing efforts. Need more help? That’s what we’re here for! Fill out the form below to have someone contact you at your convenience.


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