Every once in awhile, I hear, “well, I tried a business Facebook page, but it didn’t work.” Hey, I get it, sometimes you try things for your business and they just don’t work. However, it’s important to know why they didn’t work before you call it quits. Let’s investigate with these reasons your Facebook page isn’t working.

First of all, let’s define “isn’t working.” Your Facebook isn’t working for what, or for who? It’s important to set some type of goal or objective before you set out on your Facebook journey. What do you want to see from your Facebook page?

What Do You Want To See?

(Hint: We all want to see business growth. But be a little more specific with your goal or objective. Do you want to see a better response from your posts? Maybe you just want a platform to reach out to your customers on, or a place to respond to them. Before you determine your Facebook “isn’t working,” determine what it “isn’t working towards.”)

Next, consider the actual setup of your business Facebook page. Is the listed information correct (location, services, contact information)? Is your page verified through Facebook? What about your profile picture and cover photo? All of these things are your “virtual storefront,” so to speak. Be sure to maintain this storefront, because if it’s messy, no one will want to come in.

Cater The Content

What about the content you’re posting? Carefully consider the posts you’re making. People don’t see value in a Facebook page that is entirely promoting a business. They are much more likely to interact with posts that are relevant to their needs or wants. For example, you’re a real estate agent. Rather than posting all about the homes you have for sale, consider making posts about staging your home or tips for deep cleaning. Cater the content you post to the people following your page.

(Another hint: Please keep the content on your business page about [or relevant to] your business. I’m sure your page followers will think your kids are so cute or that your vacation looked so fun, but that’s what personal Facebook pages are for…)

Consistency Is Key

So very often, I see business Facebook pages that haven’t posted in weeks, months, and sometimes even years. Or, posts to the page or comments on old posts that were never acknowledged or responded to. To me, that makes me question if the business is even open anymore. Don’t let your Facebook presence go vacant. If you have a page, maintain it. (Remember, it’s your virtual storefront. Don’t let it go vacant.)

Facebook can be a highly effective tool for marketing your business. But, it has to be done right. If you’re looking for a team of Facebook experts to create or manage a page for you, you’ve found it! Contact SDB Creative Group today. We’re happy to tell you more!

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