Check out this recipe for a healthy website that will keep your customers coming back for more!

3 cups of Appearance

2 cups of Content

1 tsp of Functionality

½ tsp of Search Engine Optimization


You know the saying “your first impression is your last impression”? Well it is also true for your website. When your target audience is visiting your company’s website, it is important that your website mirrors who are you are as a business. The smallest little differences such as load time and color choices can affect the decision of your potential buyer. Having a website that is easy to understand and navigate is crucial to your company’s success. Your website is your 24/7 salesman, so make sure your website always looks good and is working optimally!


Content will be one of the most important aspects of your website. Content achieves two goals: making you’re business an industry leader and building trust with your visitors. It also doesn’t hurt to have unlimited content because it will ultimately increase your search engine optimization (we’ll get to that later). Also, make your content easy to share for others to see and spread the word!


The functionality of your website is a given, but you need to make sure all its gears are working properly. For example: If your form leads to an unknown page, it doesn’t exactly look good on your company. Also, if the navigation is hard to get around or your customer can’t find what they are looking for, they are most likely going to drop your site and move on to another. So make sure your website is working PERFECTLY!

Search Engine Optimization

As I had mentioned before, content has a lot to do with your search engine ranking. The more you have on your site, the better you rank … pretty simple. Content can be created on blog posts, landing pages, and downloads as long as they are all linked to your website. Oh, and don’t forget the little details such as your meta descriptions and keywords!

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