DOs and DON’Ts of Hashtags In Your Marketing

Hashtags, glorious hashtags! Whether you understand them or not, you know what a hashtag is.  It’s basically a glorified pound sign with some major perks for your business. Hashtags increase your business’s chances of being discovered on online social platforms! Here, let’s discuss some very basic DOs and DON’Ts of using hashtags in your marketing!

First of all, what do they actually do? Hashtags make it easier to track, follow and contribute to discussions about people, topics, events, promotions, etc. If this interests you, let’s proceed…


Do your research first. Hashtags with zero or few related tags may not be very powerful.

Always pair your hashtags with images for more views and engagement!

Connect campaigns/contests with hashtags to easily track engagement and response.

Always place your hashtags at the end to make posts easier to read!


Try not to hashtag every word. Doing so makes your post #hardtoread

Make sure not to #makeyourhashtagtoolong. It’s not good practice and is difficult to understand.

Don’t guess. Double check a hashtag of you are referencing to a person or topic.

The Good, The Bad & The #Ugly

A good hashtag is simple, relevant, unique and memorable. A bad hashtag is too long, hard to read, and confusing.

Tips For #Success

If you are using a hashtag in your marketing, be sure to monitor its performance in conversations! What’s the point in using a hashtag if you aren’t taking a look at it once in a while?

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