Facebook, and social media in general, is used for more than just “social” purposes. Among other reasons, businesses place their brands on Facebook to get noticed, to gain awareness and to ultimately drive sales. However, different businesses have different objectives for their social media presence. Let’s discuss some ways to achieve the goals set for your Facebook marketing campaign.

As we discuss the ways to achieve goals with Facebook marketing, it is important to keep the inbound methodology in mind (attract, convert, close and delight). For more information on the inbound methodology, download our eBook by clicking the image below.

Get Noticed

First, get noticed. Make your Facebook page as discoverable as possible, filling out your “about” section with information that will help online visitors understand your business better. Include a description of your business, as well as a link to your website. After getting your page noticed, create value through the content you publish. Make people WANT to follow your page for the insight you provide (through interest, entertainment, relevance, helpfulness, etc.)!

Content Creation

When creating content for your Facebook marketing, be sure to balance both “direct” and “indirect” content. Direct content has a URL linking to a landing page with a form, as well as some type of call to action (download, sign up, learn more, etc.) Indirect content, on the other hand, is content without a link to a landing page and does not have a call to action. How does this generate leads, you may ask? In order to achieve our ultimate goal of generating leads through Facebook marketing, we must have immediate goals of post engagement. Prospects want to see a variety of content, not just “sales” content promoting your business, looking for sales. That’s a sure way to bore your fan base…and that’s the last thing you want!

Be Visual

We’re a visual society. In fact, photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post. Take the time to create images for your posts, and include a brief text caption, as well as a short URL to a landing page (only for direct posts). Images also make great ads on Facebook, given that Facebook marketing has evolved into more of a paid platform than an organic one. So, in order to reach your target audience through Facebook marketing, you’ll need to do some supplementing with paid advertising.

Paid Advertising

With Facebook advertising, you can grow your audience with a “like ad,” drive event attendance, direct traffic to your website, promote an offer, among other things. Remember, the people who “like” your page, may not be qualified leads. However, the best way to reach those qualified leads through Facebook marketing is with targeted ads. For more information on achieving specific goals with Facebook ads, take a look at this article.

Social media is the way of our world. Do you have a social media presence? If not, let us guide you along with some resources we’ve made available, just for you. Check out our resource library HERE. If you have a social media presence, but would like an analysis of how it can be made better, request a FREE social media analysis by clicking the image below.

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