You are looking for great website design in Midland, Texas.  Good luck.  There are very few companies who can deliver.  My company made a great “selfie” video earlier this year.  The favorite line in it comes from me where I say, “If you don’t have a website, you’re an idiot.”  There was soooo much more that I could have added to that.  In reality, most companies have some form of a website today.  However, most in Midland, TX are garbage.  There are all sorts of finger pointing that can start here, but the bottom line is that the final result of your website that is available to the entire globe is the business owner’s responsibility.  After all, isn’t he or she the one who gave permission for it to go up?

96% of Consumers Will Perform Research Online Before Purchasing

This is a key statistic, folks, and it’s held its high number for a few years now.  The products and services you are selling are going to be investigated by your target market.  Your website is a marketing tool that becomes more important to the success of your business daily.  Suck it up and make the investment of time and money that are required to produce and maintain a quality website.  Your website acts as a sales representative for you.  It is on call 24/7/365.

What Your Website Needs to Have

Quality and Responsive Design

Great website design is more important now than ever.

A lot of components go into effective website design.

Make sure it has a crisp, clean look that compliments your company’s branding.  It needs to also be responsive, meaning that the content adjusts for easy viewing no matter what device is being used to browse your site (iPhone, tablet, desktop, etc.)

Clear Navigation

Layout in advance the content structure of your site.  Make sure that it is extremely easy for the person browsing your website to quickly find what they are looking for.

Quality Content

Quality content is the most important ingredient of your website.  This is your opportunity to show you are the expert.  Don’t shortchange yourself by not providing the best content possible.  It is also important to know that search engines like lots of content.  If you just put up a few sentences about your products and services, the search engines are likely to score your site low, preventing it from being included with their search results.  A good rule of thumb is 300 words of text on each page with images that have titles related to the keywords in your text.

Opportunities for Conversion

Provide calls to action inside the content of your site.  When your target is searching your site and finds something they like or need it is a perfect opportunity to convert them into a qualified lead.  Include material for them to download by providing a phone number and email address, or at the very least include a contact form for them to request more information.

Contact Information

There are so many websites that make it difficult to find a phone number or an email address.  That just doesn’t make sense.  It says that company is either too busy to care about your business or their customer service is so bad they don’t want to talk to you.  Make it easy for people browsing your site to contact you by phone and email.  Sure, it will probably create some unsolicited phone calls and emails, but it will also make future and  customers experiences on your site easier.

Regular Updates

Review and update your website with new content regularly.  The search engines like this, and it will encourage your customers and prospects to view it more often.

These are a few, simple suggestions.  Building a website or simply knowing where to start can be  intimidating.  If you think it might be time for a review, we offer a free website analysis that will show where your site ranks versus your competition.  You can click HERE or the image below to schedule a review.

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