So What’s The Big Deal?

After drawing you in with my catchy title, I know you’re wondering what Google Plus is and why it’s a must. Google Plus has established itself as the second largest social media site and has an active monthly user base of 235 million. With features such as “Communities” and “Hangouts,” Google Plus is the new up-and-coming social media site, great for all Google users (and let’s be real, who ISN’T using Google?)

Google Plus Is A Must

Are you utilizing Google’s latest tool?

Google Can.

In a 2013 survey, 30% of surveyed smartphone users used the Google Plus at least once a month. So, as a business, or even an individual, are you utilizing this latest Google tool? Google Plus has really revolutionized itself to be different than Facebook or Twitter, intentionally wanting to differentiate itself in the social media world. And if anyone can do it, Google can. There are currently 540 million monthly active users across Google Properties and 300 Million active in the Google Plus Stream. Like Facebook or Twitter, you can customize your Google Plus profile with a profile picture, cover photo, personal interests and bio. However, unlike Facebook or Twitter, Google Plus features an “Authorship” tool, which is an area used to optionally link to other social media accounts that a person has, blogs they’ve written, or sites they’ve contributed to.

Google has so many features that can be included in a Google Plus profile, such as the previously mentioned “Hangouts” feature. “Hangouts” is a free web conferencing system, with up to ten people. In 2012 Google Plus replaced its’ Google Places with Google Plus Local, allowing users to post pictures and reviews of various locations they visit. In addition, Google offers photo collection and editing features as well as a cloud storage system to store your oh-so-precious content.

Also exclusive to Google Plus is “Circles,” an area that enables users to organize people into a group to share exclusive content with them. For example, a Google Plus user could have a “Family” circle to share photos from a family reunion or a “Work” circle with notes from yesterday’s meeting. In the Google Plus “Stream,” users see updates from all of their “Circles.”

White Hot

The best thing about Google Plus is being able to easily link all the Google platforms in one spot, optimally utilizing all that Google has to offer. Even better, you can pick and choose which Google tools you choose, depending on your need. This means you can optimize a Google Plus profile specific to your business. The social media world is white hot for marketing, take advantage of what’s out there! To better understand if your social media presence is optimized and specific to your customer base, fill out this form for a FREE social media analysis. Begin by clicking HERE or on the image below.



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