Google Partner, what’s that?

Recently you may have noticed the SDB website has a new addition in design. A small badge that reads something huge… “Google Partner”! Not quite sure what a Google Partner is or why it’s important? Google… you know that search engine we all use for just about everything, considers SDB Creative Group to be a Partner. They want to let our clients know that SDB provides excellent customer service, a competitive advantage, and AdWords certified employees. Google believes in SDB so much that they put their name on it. Literally. Here’s why you too should be excited to work with a Google Partner.

Google Partner

Customer Service

Here at SDB we always want what’s best for our client, and the geniuses at Google know that… actually, they require it. Google has set standards of advertising practices that they expect us to follow. They monitor our progress to assure our clients’ accounts are being managed properly. This allows you to get the best bang for your buck with your advertising money.


Companies with the Google Partner badge (that’s us!) are given access to Google’s newest features. Meaning, after Google develops new features or applications, their Partners can try out said features for up to a year before it’s available to the public. Clearly this is one of the biggest advantages to working with a Google Partner, allowing you to be ahead of the game!


Certification – To fulfill the certification requirement for the Partner badge, your company needs at least ONE of its affiliated individuals to be AdWords certified.”

Well it’s your lucky day because, SDB Creative Group requires all members of the content team to be certified in AdWords.

Here at SDB Creative Group we’re delighted to have met the standards set out by Google to become one of their Partners. Here, you can view our official Google Partner profile as well as our Google Business Page.

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