Ahhh, Google Ads. The modern-day Yellow Page ad. It’s how you get in front of your customers when they’re looking for you.

But how do you run these modern-day ads? What does it take to be on the first page? Glad you asked! Let’s dig in.

Search VS. Display

Google ads take several different forms. It can be a search ad, meaning you show up when someone searches for you. Or maybe a display ad is what you’re looking for; which is similar to posting a virtual business card on a certain category of websites. While those are the 2 types of Google ads, there are even more ad types within those categories. These include mobile, video, and retargeting.

No matter what your advertising objective, Google has an answer. 

These days, when someone needs something, they consult Google. It makes sense that your business would be there. But how?

Need Google Ads?

We can help!

Google makes it seemingly easy to run Google ads. Oh just set up an Adwords (the Google advertising platform) account and tell Google how much you want to spend! Well, take our warning, folks. It’s simply not that easy.

Yes, you start out with an Adwords account. But then you have to find out where and how to position yourself in an attempt to not waste your ad spend. This involves researching keywords, choosing a bid strategy, adjusting your bids, picking an ad schedule and SO MUCH MORE. On top of your initial setup decisions, Google ads need to be maintained. At least once per day.

“Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!”

Well actually, at SDB, we do. You’re busy running your business. We know Google ads. In fact, our team is Google Adwords certified and know what it takes to make sure you’re found. Don’t waste your time and money learning how to run Google ads. You’re the expert in your field, we’re the expert in ours. Contact us today! Simply submit the form above!

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