The Recipe Calls For…

Okay if that title sounds a little strange, allow me to explain myself.

This week’s blog series is “The Recipe Calls For…” in which I’m sharing some of my tasty recipes for my favorite marketing “treats!”

All of these recipes come together to create a bundle of benefits for your business. Think reputation creation/management, brand/name awareness, longtime clients and business growth and of course, more money.

If you missed the recipe for Savory Social Media Marketing yesterday, catch up here!

Let’s dig back into our recipes and see what the recipe for Gooey Google Adwords!

Gooey Google Adwords

  • 1 Adwords Certified marketing professional
  • 1 monthly budget
  • 1 fully optimized website
  • Multiple relevant landing pages
  • Captivating ad lines
  • A pinch of Adwords strategy
  • A dose of daily management

Instructions: To effectively run a Google Adwords campaign, it is best to have a marketing professional who is Google Adwords certified. While this ingredient is not mandatory, your final product could potentially be a mess! A manager center is best to manage an Adwords account, especially if you plan to manage more than one. This account gives you access to everything you need to make your campaign delicious! An optimized website with relevant landing pages is a must, if not you could end up wasting your time and money on the other ingredients. An Adwords strategy and captivating ad lines are sure to bring website visitors. But don’t forget the dose of daily management…it’s a must for gooey success!

Hungry For Some Google Adwords?

Let us cook it up!


While of course, this is all a bit silly, but it’s a fun way to explain what our team of professionals (yes, we’re Google Adwords certified) can do for your business. We’d be happy to tell you more! Simply contact us via the form above!

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