I’ve been allllll about branding this week! We’ve discussed the what’s and why’s of branding, but now it’s time for the question on everyone’s mind: how do I go about branding my business? This is really important, so let’s get going!

Step 1 – Treat Your Business Like Your Bestie

While your business isn’t a real person, you should think of it as one while you’re creating your brand. If your business has a personality, that’s what you’d want to focus on for your brand. Are you looking for sophisticated and professional? Trendy and effervescent? Quirky and artistic? That’s where you start building your brand!

Step 2 – Be An Original

Ever see someone who is very obviously trying to mimic another person? Don’t let that be your business! While you can take some tips from your competitors or big brands, you don’t want to copy them is such an obvious way that your customer base can see it. There might also be some difficult copyright laws to overcome.

Step 3 – Consistency Is Critical

I touched on this yesterday, but your brand is something you should keep relatively consistent. This is especially important when you’re building up your business and gaining ground. Switching your brand around too often can lead to confusion for your customers. They may even switch to a competitor because they feel you aren’t being consistent.

Step 4 – Branding Is Like Water

Huh? Today’s branding mechanisms are fluid…forget the times when hammering out a slogan was all you needed. Branding is everywhere! Customer service models, color schemes, communication mechanisms…it’s in everything you do and everything you say.

Branding is a critical part of a successful business! It can seem daunting, because it’s a pretty permanent piece of the puzzle. However, SDB Creative Group is experienced in creating brands and helping existing companies re-brand. Fill out our form below and get in contact with one of our awesome team members!

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