“TD Thanks You”

Recently, TD Bank thanked their customers in an incredible way. As a part of their latest marketing campaign, “TD Thanks You”, they gave $20 “thank you gifts” to 30,000 customers. However, some were in for an even more special surprise.

Bank employees pre-selected deserving, regular, customers to “test out a new ATM design.” Much to their surprise, the customers were given various gifts, very specific to each customer, by the ATM (coined Automatic Thanking Machine for the day); they were supposedly “testing.”

One Toronto Blue Jays fan got to meet the Jays’ Jose Bautista, received Blue Jays apparel, and the opportunity to throw out the first pitch. One single mom received money to start saving for her two young sons’ college education as well as a trip to Disney Land. Still another lady received tickets to Trinidad to visit her daughter, who has cancer and is recovering from surgery.

"Thank you" marketing can work for you too!

“Thank you” marketing can work for you too!

You can check out the remarkable video HERE (you may want to have your tissues handy!)

Of course, this is an excellent example of a marketing campaign success. But I’m not here to tell you how to launch a successful marketing plan (not right now anyways…), but to stress the importance of giving back to your customers.

Give Your Customers What They Want!

Every day, people are subjected to advertising they don’t want. Commercials, spreads in a magazine, billboards, radio ads…we experience thousands a day. We’ve become so accustomed to these unwanted ads, that our minds have been conditioned to see them and in turn, ignore them (unless of course, they pertain to you).

So what is the answer to this? How can, you, as a business, market yourself in a way that doesn’t waste your money? Easy. By giving back.

Give your customers what they want. Provide them with content that is relevant, helpful, interesting, or entertaining. Quit suffocating (for lack of a better word) your customers with information solely about you or your business (of course, every once in awhile is just fine!), but with information that is of their interest. Define your target audience and develop content that is specifically for them (just like TD Bank created individual surprises based on their customers’ needs/wants.)

It Can Work For You Too!

It’s as easy as that. Put your marketing dollars to work by giving back to your customers. This can be done in so many ways, social media posts, blogs, website content, redeemable offers…the possibilities are endless! So start giving back today, and see how your efforts can reward your business. It worked for TD Bank, and it can work for you too! For more info on how to launch and measure a remarkable marketing campaign (hey, I told you it was coming!), download our free eBook by clicking HERE or on the image below.


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