If you missed yesterday, I shared a “modern day miracle” where I helped a lady pull up a boarding pass on her phone.

Just call me a modern day superhero.

I know everyone has those “modern day moments.” You know, those moments that make you say “how did I do this before technology??”

I have those moments on a daily basis. So I’m taking this week to share them and how they relate to your “modern day marketing.”

How do you get where you’re going?

If you’re like me, you use a maps app on your phone. If I’m lost (or even before I get lost), I always call on Google. I can’t find my way out of a paper bag, people. So you can imagine I call on Google a lot.

A lot.

I can honestly say that I would have no way to navigate if it weren’t for my Google maps. I can’t read a map (go ahead and judge me) and I’m not about to ask for directions. So, if something were to happen and I didn’t have access to my phone, consider me a no show.

And did you know, as a part of your “modern day marketing,” you can advertise within this popular form of navigation? It’s true. So if you’re still signing Yellow Page contracts, now is the time to start advertising on something people these days actually use.

Wondering how you can make it happen? Give us a call or submit the form above! In the meantime, stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog, “Hungry? Yelp it!”

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