Ensure Your Inbound Marketing “Gets the Rat”

I grew up poor for a good part of my childhood, but I had a friend whose Dad was a millionaire. I used to hang on his every word thinking that this was the path to my own financial success someday. It was from him I learned one of my most important lessons about the difference between action and results.

One day, after an exciting evening of exploits only another little boy would appreciate, I stood with my friend as he regaled his Dad with the daring-do of our day’s exploits. His father indulged us for a few seconds, then he held up his hand, stopping my young friend’s story in mid-sentence. Then in a kind, but firm voice he asked, “Yes son…but did you get the rat?”

That day, I learned from his simple question that “Action,” while necessary, is nothing if it doesn’t end in snaring that big old rat, “Results.” For inbound marketing “Results” translates into “turning strangers into customers and promoters.”

At the end of the day, can you point to your inbound marketing efforts and see measurable results? In this blog, we share some best practices that will help to ensure your inbound program gets the rat.

Best Practices

Most highly successful people emulate other highly successful people. After all, re-inventing the wheel is not a very effective way to get to the head of the pack in a road race. Your most dangerous competitors are probably the ones continuously figuring out the best way to get things done. It’s not any different when it comes to figuring out a successful inbound marketing program – find out what works, and emulate it.

With the Internet at your disposal there’s an overwhelming amount of inbound marketing “best practices” out there, but here are four fundamental practices that will help you mount a successful inbound program:

  1. Make a memorable introduction. A lot of blogging and posting gets done without properly introducing the brand. The “About” and “Profile” sections are often unused or under-used on the various websites and social platforms where content is published. Put some thought into it, and use these facilities to make a memorable first impression.
  2. Take no half measures. For example, a blog or post without a call-to-action (CTA) is a half effort. This is the equivalent of jumping half way out of a hole – a good way to get mud on your face; but not a good way to win customers. ALL of the steps must be performed for inbound marketing to “turn strangers into customers and promoters.” HubSpot, makers of one of the premier platforms for managing inbound, puts it succinctly – Attract, Connect, Convert, Delight.
  3. Give away your best stuff. Although it may seem counterintuitive, you have to give the visitors your very best offer in exchange for their contact info. People value their privacy, so your offer has to be so good that they want to stay in contact with you. And, a jaded public can be a pretty tough judge of what constitutes real value.
  4. Stay the course. Inbound takes a while to get up to speed, but will pay off like no other existing advertising or marketing strategy. To mount a successful inbound marketing program requires patience, perseverance and consistency.

Fix What’s Broken

SDB Creative Group has deep roots in traditional advertising and marketing, but we are moving aggressively into inbound marketing. Why? Because traditional advertising and marketing is broken, and inbound is the fix. There exists no more effective way to build brand and customer base. So take it from experts – it’s worth it to begin this journey and stay the course. If you don’t, your competitors will.

Why not try out an inbound marketing plan? Start HERE by downloading our checklist for implementing an inbound program. Click on the image below to begin your download!

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