Everyone is familiar with how a target works: the center is the sweet spot. A target is a great visual example of how marketing works…and your bullseye is closing a customer. With all of the various ways to encourage people to utilize your business, it’s easy to lose track of potential customers. We’re here today to share some ideas on how to get back on target with retargeting ads.

What Are Retargeting Ads?

Get back on target with retargeting ads.

How does CNN know that I love Quest bars?

Have you ever seen an ad and thought, “It’s so weird that they know I’ve been looking at that!” Welcome to retargeting.

I’m a big Amazon shopper and occasionally, I’ll see advertisements for products I recently searched show up in my Facebook stream. It was sort of eerie at first, but then I finally figured out what was going on!

Retargeting is a digital marketing tool which allows you to track user activity by adding a specialty pixel to pages on your website. The pixel adds a cookie for the user. After the user leaves the site, s/he can will see display advertisements showing the advertiser’s site because of the cookie.

What About Privacy?

People are very obviously concerned about privacy online. This is a completely valid concern. However, providers of retargeting do not get any personal information from their retargeting audiences…the pixel simply places advertisements back in front of people who have already visited your site! While you’re able to see broad data, you won’t receive information such as addresses, emails, or phone numbers.

You Hit The Bull's Eye With SDB!

We're A Straight Shot With Retargeting.

How Does Retargeting Work?

If you see something repeatedly, you’re more likely to make a decision regarding a purchase. Retargeting works in a non-intrusive way to keep products or services you’ve expressed interest in right in front of you. If I searched “dog carrier suitable for airline travel” on a site with a retargeting pixel, there’s a high likelihood that the search results might pop up in a display ad on my homepage (which happens to be MSN).

What’s The Cost?

There are various ways to gauge activity with any online advertising choice. Dependent on your end goal, you can decide to cast a wide net or pay based on the number of people who actually complete a purchase. It’s completely up to you! The experts at SDB know how to set your retargeting advertising up to maximize how your money is spent!

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re Google AdWords certified, so that means we’re capable of creating retargeting ads to help you draw in repeat (or potentially new!) customers. Fill out our form to find out more!

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