What Makes Social Media Posts Successful?

Successful social media doesn’t just happen. It takes strategy, planning and creativity. Let’s discuss several fundamentals that make social media posts effective and allow you to engage with your audience.


One of the most important things to give your followers is value in your posting. Not only will this keep your followers coming back to your page, but it will also promote engagement too. How do you create value for your followers? Educate them! Position yourself as an industry leader simply by educating your audience on tips, tricks and helpful hacks.


In recent studies, researchers found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. Including images into your posts will stop people from scrolling past your message and grab their attention quick. What photos should you choose? Choose photos that are relevant to the post, that will catch the eye of scrollers, and will leave no question in their mind about what you are trying to say.


Every business has something about it that makes them unique. Embrace that uniqueness through your social media! Make sure your logo is seen often and your slogan is within your posts every now and then. When it comes to your photos, a real photo of your employees goes a lot further than stock photos. If you have photos personal to your business, use them!


Give your audience a chance to interact with your business. Through giveaways and contests, your “friends” can like, share, compete and win! An interactive page is a page they continually visit!

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