Freshen Up Your Forms

This week on the SDB blog we’ve been focusing on spring cleaning your marketing. Just like you deep clean your home, deep cleaning your marketing should be on your to do list! Today let’s go over how to freshen up your forms!

If You Don’t Already Have Them…You Need Forms

At SDB, we say all the time that a website is a business’s best sales tool. It’s most times where people make their first opinions about you as a company. So number one: your website has to grab their attention and number two: you have to make it simple for them to reach you should they wish to take that next step.

They Need To Work

The forms on your website need to function properly. If they don’t, they are useless. If you’ve had a dry spell of forms not coming in for a week, go test the functionality. Who knows, you may discover a problem that needs to be solved!

They Need To Go To The Right Person

Once your forms are up and running properly, make sure they are pointing to the right person for the job. A form pointed to someone who isn’t willing or prepared to take action will probably not be very successful.

They Need To Be Easy, Quick & Simple

Bottom line, keep it simple. A form that looks like it will take a long time to fill out or one that requires too much upfront information is a one-way ticket to a discouraged web visitor, and may even cost you the lead. Keep it short, simple, and even a little fun if it makes sense to do so!

Need help with forms? We can create fun, functioning and successful forms for you! Want the leads to go directly into an email list? We can do that too! Give us a call or fill out our form below and let’s talk today!

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