I’ll be real honest with you.

We have been contemplating blog content for the week of July 4th for the past month now.


Because we all love the Fourth of July and wanted to make it extra special. How could we incorporate Fourth of July and marketing? Hmmm…

Well folks, turns out SDB “Creative” Group couldn’t quite come up with anything creative.

So, we’ve decided to give you a look into our Fourth of July traditions. Because we know you’re dying to know. So here it goes, I’m first!

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Kelsie’s Fourth Of July Traditions

Most people spend the Fourth with their family, barbecuing, shooting fireworks, at the pool, going to parades, etc. Well, not me. I actually can’t tell you the last time I spent the Fourth with my family…

Don’t get me wrong! I love my family, and I think spending the Fourth with your family is awesome!

But, I choose to spend it at the lake with my friends. All my closest friends go to my friend Callie’s lake house and literally do nothing but hang out and fry in the sun. And it’s one of my favorite times of the year.

There is nothing like being on the lake for July 4th. Everyone is just in good spirits, celebrating something all Americans have the freedom to celebrate, our independence.

However you choose to celebrate, be with the ones you love and appreciate the great nation we live in. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

(And thank you for hanging with me until the end of this blog to hear about one of my favorite days of the year.)

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