Who To Follow On Twitter?

If you’ve started “tweeting” for your small business, you may wonder who to follow on Twitter. Not only do you want to build your business and develop new relationships, but you’d also like to gain insight/ideas from other business or leaders in the industry. After all, quality over quantity, right?

As a business, who should you follow on Twitter?

  • Industry Leaders-Follow the “big dogs” of your industry for industry developments or promotional ideas; think of it as looking to a role model of sorts. Do you own a local bakery? Follow Dunkin’ Donuts or Cinnabon. Those “big dogs” are successful for a reason, so why not follow in their footsteps?
  • Media-One of the best relationships to develop as a small business is with the local media. Interaction with the newspaper, radio or local newsletter/magazine publisher can lead to a feature publication of your small business. Try mentioning a local media source in your tweets or retweeting an article they post.
  • Customers-Your customers like to interact with businesses and brands on Twitter, so follow them! It gives them a sense of value (and most likely a follow back!). This will give you the opportunity to create a brand presence and develop a sense of brand loyalty with them. If they really like you, they may even help promote your page!

    Hey Twitterverse, who to follow?!

    Who should I follow?

  • Competitors-It may sound weird, but following your competitor’s profiles on Twitter is one of the smartest things you can do. This helps you keep tabs on them and what they’re doing promotionally. If you don’t want your competitors to necessarily know that you are following them, use a private Twitter list to keep tabs on them. You can follow lists without following the Twitter accounts listed within them.
  • Followers-If you follow back every account that follows you, you could risk “junking up” your twitter feed with (mostly) useless tweets that are of no relevance to you or your business. However, this does help you build relationships and potentially gain exposure as a larger Twitter presence. So the choice is yours! My suggestion is following back your followers when starting out, but then becoming more selective as you build your account.
  • Suggestions-On the sidebar of your homepage (as well as in the Discover tab), there is a “who to follow” list. These suggestions are built on your connections (followers, interests, profiles followed, etc.) The list is updated every week or so, so it is a great place to find profiles to follow!

Tackle Twitter

Now that you know who to follow on Twitter, building the rest of your profile is easy! If you haven’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet, our Twitter Kickstart Toolkit will have you up and going in less than a week! Click on the image below to start tackling Twitter today!

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