As I’ve said before, one of my favorite pastimes is traveling. From quick weekend trips to fancy international destinations, I’m a big fan of new experiences and pretty locations. But in order for me to get the most bang for my buck, I had to focus on finding a partner.

I already had a travel buddy (yep, the Man Friend), but traveling with someone usually increased our budget. So, I started signing up for flight reward programs like Southwest Rapid Rewards and American Airlines’ AA Advantage programs, I opted for a credit card with travel-based reward options, and I chose to enroll in programs which increased my point options for purchases I already make. It was like a traveler’s dream come true!

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My preferred airline in Southwest for three reasons: it’s reasonably priced, it flies most places I want to go (even a few international destinations, too!), and there are no ridiculous travels fees for checked bags. Due to the point structure they offer for purchases and the number of flights I take annually, I’ve managed to procure a companion pass for the Man Friend every year for the last four years. This basically means is that he flies free any time I fly somewhere…all we have to do is pay the taxes. It’s pretty amazing to pay less than $20 for an airline ticket!

Business is all about relationships, including partnerships. It’s important to find ways to engage your customers and sometimes that means finding additional incentives for your clients which are outside of those offered your company. For example, Southwest has teamed up with hundreds of retail companies to offer additional bonus points to online shoppers through their Rapid Rewards Shopping partnerships. Not only are members receiving products they had already intended to buy, shoppers receive points towards travel from those purchases. WIN-WIN! It’s all about finding ways to build your relationship with customers…and little things like bonuses and prizes can count for a lot when it comes to incentivizing your clients!

SDB wants to be one of the partners for your business. Not only can we help meet your advertising and marketing objectives, but a big part of our job is to help come up with ideas outside the box. In our experience, we’ve found that engaging your customers in unique ways is one of the best way to increase traffic and build your business relationships. Contact us today to find out how we can add a whole new spin to your marketing plans!

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