We all have them, our Facebook “friends” who junk up our newsfeeds with pointless rants, personal attacks or worst of all, the dreaded “selfie” (duck face included). But are YOU one of those people? I know, I know. You’re thinking “ummm no, I just make fun of all those people!” But before you click away, you may want to keep reading…

5 things you’re doing wrong (and don’t know it!):

Facebook: The Greatest Passive Aggressive Weapon EVER

Yep, even you are guilty…

1. Vaguebooking-Alright, we get it. You want your life to be a mystery for us all to wonder about. But posting “Ugh so over this” or “omg can’t believe that just happened” doesn’t keep us wondering about your life. It makes us wonder if you know how to finish a sentence. If you have something worth sharing on Facebook, share it! That’s what it’s there for. But if you have a vague comment to make, save it for the diary.

2. “Yeah, old news”-So you get really excited when you see something on your newsfeed (picture, video, article, etc.) and you run to your best friend to share it. Or, better yet, you share it to their timeline. And what’s the response you get? “Oh yeah, saw that yesterday.” Not exactly what you were hoping for. So whenever someone acts excited to show you something they’ve come across on Facebook or goes to the effort of posting it to your timeline, act like you care. Because after all, even if the gift sucks, it’s the thought that counts, right? Right.

3. Post relationship blow-up-Congrats, you just found out the girl you’ve had a huge crush on for years just broke up with her boyfriend (relationship status: single). So what do you do? Like her relationship status, every status she posts after that AND the past 5 pictures she’s posted?? Say it ain’t so. Not only is that borderline creep (or maybe right-on-the-line creep), but it’s also not the way to win her heart. Hate to break it to ya!

4. The “humblebragger”-Don’t you love seeing the “oh just chilling on the yacht” selfie or the “sure boss, I guess I’ll take a promotion” status? Looks like you’ve got a humblebragger on your hands. We all have them. That person who wants to tell Facebook about their exotic trips or huge accomplishments, but doesn’t want to come off as a bragger. So instead, they take the humble approach. If you’re excited about sharing big news with your friends, go for it! But be genuine. We’d all appreciate it.

5. The grammar Nazi-Alright, even I will confess to this one. In my opinion, grammar and punctuation are important. Even on Facebook. Some will argue that Facebook is just for being “casually” social and that you don’t have to spell or use grammar correctly. Well if you’d like to come off as “casually” illiterate, go for it. But don’t be the person who goes through your friends’ posts and corrects their spelling or grammar. Because at the end of the day, we all know what someone means when they say “See you their!” (ugh, I cringe just typing it…)

Pick Us!

Hopefully, if you have any of these passive-aggressive tendencies, you are now aware of them and will do something about fixing them. Because let’s face it, no one likes a buzzkill in their newsfeed. What about your business? Are you putting out the positive “pick us!” vibes across your social media platforms? We’ll let you know with our FREE social media analysis. Start by clicking HERE or the image below and we’ll have someone contact you to analyze your social media, or help you get started…the right way!

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