Fake news.

If you’re like me, you may have rolled your eyes after reading those words. (So I do apologize for bringing it up. But I have good {real} news…)

It’s all we’ve been hearing about recently. In fact, there are some who believe last year’s election results were a product of this fake news sharing. Unfortunately, Facebook is catching the brunt of the fake news frenzy, since they were seemingly the platform for fake news.

As you might have guessed, Facebook is speaking out against fake news and doing what they can to stop it, starting with changing their algorithm in 2 ways:

1. Timely signals to improve prominence of news stories

2. Better rank authentic content 

Facebook says they base authenticity on a couple of factors: if the pages have been reported for spam or if they’ve previously solicited likes. If your page is found guilty, you may be penalized. Facebook also considers user behavior, too. If Facebook users hide certain content from a page, Facebook could potentially consider that page as unauthentic.

Facebook plans to continue to promote content that gets the most engagement – comments, likes, shares – but they will be more considerate of analyzing the source first.

More than likely, this will minimally affect your page. However, it’s important to think first before asking for engagement. It could trigger a second look from Mark Zuckerberg. Instead, share quality content that people want to share on their own.

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