How far is too far with Facebook regulations? Read our most recent blog to give you a heads up on our how much users are willing to put up with from the social media giant.

“Big Brother Facebook”

In recent news, Facebook has removed “inappropriate” photos posted by users. However, what is “inappropriate” in the eyes of Facebook is not considered so in the eyes of those posting the photos. This leads to the questions, why does Facebook feel the need to act as a “big brother” and how far is too far?

Facebook Rejects a “Hobby”

Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old cheerleader, has recently been put under fire for the pictures she’s posted of exotic game she’s shot on hunting expeditions over the years. She launched the page, specific for her hunting adventures, in February. After a petition with over 320,000 signatures to delete her page, Facebook cited that the photos “violated their standards” and removed every picture of the dead animals. In a statement released by Facebook, they remove “reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organized fight or content that includes extreme acts of animal abuse.” Jones continues to defend her hobby and now has over 495,000 likes on her page. She plans to film a new hunting show, set to air next year.

Photo “Unlike”

This past week, Jill White, a photographer from North Carolina, posted a picture to Coppertone’s Facebook page of her daughter recreating the iconic Coppertone advertisement of a child’s bathing suit being tugged down, exposing her tan lines. What White thought to be a “cute recreation” turned out to be “inappropriate nudity” in the eyes of Facebook. After being alerted by Facebook, White refused to take the photo down and was locked out of her account for 24 hours. In addition, Facebook deleted the photo. However, to make a statement, White re-posted the photo to Facebook, with a smiley face image over the “inappropriate” part of the photo. Facebook has not removed the re-posted photo. A spokesperson for Facebook stated, “These policies are designed to ensure Facebook remains a safe, secure and trusted environment for everyone on Facebook.”

Facebook Power

Obviously, this is a topic that has created controversy and caused debate in the media. Despite Facebook being right or wrong, the attention brought to them (negative attention is better than no attention at all!) shows the extreme influence social media has on our culture today. Something as seemingly small as having a picture removed from a personal page makes national headlines in today’s society. As a business, are you taking advantage of the social media platforms available today? Would you like to know more about the social media relevant to your industry and how you can target your market? We’d be happy to help. Request your free social media analysis HERE or by clicking the image below.

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