Well it’s happened again, Facebook page insights have changed. If you’ve never looked at the analytics of your Facebook campaigns, you’re wasting your time creating them. Insights or analytics is the who saw, who cared & what they care about in all the content you put out there about your business. After gathering feedback from the early users of the redesigned Page Insights, Facebook is rolling out updated page insights for all users. Unlike some of the Facebook changes of the past, this time it’s for the better.

If you looked at the former Facebook page insights or downloaded the reports, you may have felt overwhelmed with all the numbers, multiple tabs in difficult to navigate spreadsheets and often buried key metrics. Now, Facebook offers easier-to-navigate graphs that are highly dynamic and customizable. You still may need to download a report, say if you want to look at the previous month’s post to get an overall snapshot of a longer timeframe, but if you’re watching your page weekly, Facebook gives a nice little 7 days metrics. If you’re not a numbers crunching type of person, the colorful graphs help paint a nice picture. Let’s look at what changes are in store for you.

Facebook Page Insights now gives you in graph form not only who you’ve reached, also who engaged with your page. This is definitely a number you should focus on to help decide what type of content your audience is interested in which helps for planning content and strategy.

The 5 new tabs across the top breaks down each category in an easy to understand way:

Facebook Page Insights Overview:

This tab offers a quick snapshot of your entire page including; Page Likes, Reach & Engagement

Facebook Page Insights Likes:

Want to know how likes your page & even who quit liking your page? This tab shows net likes (likes – unlikes) and where your page likes came from. If you received an unlike, you can even tell if there is a post associated with the unlike.

Facebook Page Insights Reach:

This is a great place to find total reach, organic reach, paid reach, likes, comments and shares

Facebook Page Insights Visits:

This tab breaks down the number of times each of your page tabs were views and the number of actions people took that involved your page.

Facebook Insights Page Posts:

One of the best metrics displayed here is the graph showing when your fans are online down to the day of the week and hours of the day. It also shows in images, each post and the reach and engagement of each post.

Facebook Page Insights People:

This tab gives you in graph form your fans, people your posts reached and people engaged.

This is just the basics of the new Facebook Page Insights. Most sections have a drop down arrow where you can dig a little deeper in the metrics. So go ahead click around, you may learn a little more each time. Still need some help planning what to do with this new information? SDB offers complete social media management, consulting services along with our other marketing and advertising services.

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