Facebook has approximately 1.35 billion monthly users, with the average user spending 40 minutes per day on the site. 30 million businesses now have a Facebook business page. Are you one of them?

If your business does not have a Facebook page, you may be considered irrelevant by most of your consumers. According to Go Digital Marketing, when people want to find out more about a local business, they check Facebook more than any other social channel. In fact, it’s been proven that most people check a Facebook page before setting foot in the door of a business!

The Importance Of Facebook

In addition to a Facebook presence, consumers also check Facebook reviews. 80% of those polled said they’d be more likely to purchase if they saw positive user reviews on the company’s Facebook page.

Hopefully you see why you should be using Facebook for your business.

Facebook Is For Business, Too!

Let us tell you more...

Facebook should be at the center of your social media strategy. People (your customers) use Facebook as a part of their daily lives, connecting to it several times a day. Make sure those people find your business on Facebook! Among other things, Facebook can be used for:

  • Generating awareness of your business, products, services, events, etc.
  • Differentiate you from competitors
  • Build loyalty/relationships
  • Increase traffic and sales
  • Learn about your customers

So, how can you use Facebook for your business? We’ll be covering that this week. Think you already know how to use Facebook for your business? Think again. We’ll be discussing points you’ve probably never thought of, but won’t want to go without.

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