You’ve learned a lot about using Facebook for business this week. Hopefully, you’ll put that insight to work and turn your Facebook presence into sales revenue! But, we aren’t done yet! We have one more Facebook for business tip we’d like to share…and it’s perhaps the most important.


As a business owner, you understand the concept of improving. If there is something within your business that could potentially be improved to benefit your business, you would surely want to make that improvement. Well, that same concept applies to your Facebook page.

You can use Facebook insights to conduct tests to see which type of posts get the most engagement. Additionally, you can see what times your posts get the most attention and create more posts at those times. Create different posts and experiment to see which ones see the most interaction. For example, change the headlines and photos of a post with the same objective. Do posts with a puppy image get the most engagement? Or do your follows respond better to images with people? Maybe the post that says “shop now” instead of “buy here” receives more attention? Either way, see what works and keep that in mind when creating future posts.

At SDB, we do the “dirty work” of Facebook for business. Do you really have the time to dedicate to your Facebook business page? Is it really worth doing if you can’t give it 100%? Yes, we analyze and cater posts to your specific demographic. We understand the mind of your consumer, what the want and when they want it. We specifically build your Facebook profile around what your consumers want. What does that mean for you? It means people think of you first when they need your products or services. That’s what you want, isn’t it? We thought so.

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