This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a potential dislike button being added to the Facebook platform. But as of last Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg said he’s considering introducing a dislike button that would allow Facebook users to express disapproval on certain posts and pictures. According to a Today Show poll, 86% of those surveyed want to see a dislike button.

Zuckerberg, while not opposed to the idea, is afraid that a dislike button may cause some hurt feelings (welcome to the Internet). On the other hand, it would add to the range of human emotions expressed on Facebook. What do you think? Would adding a dislike button add to your user experience on Facebook?

To me, a dislike button would be confusing. I mean, so say someone posts a picture of their failed test paper. Of course, I would “dislike” that, no one likes to fail a test. But what if one of my friends posts a cat video to my page (I am not a fan of cat videos, given that I’m not a fan of cats)? Of course, I “like” that my friend was being thoughtful enough to share a video with me but I “dislike” the video itself. Okay, maybe I’m overanalyzing the situation and using lame examples, but do you get my drift? I think a dislike button would pose some confusion to Facebook users.

Like Or Dislike It…

Well, like or dislike it, but Facebook does what they want. They kind of dominate the world of social media. So, who knows, we may be seeing a dislike button in the very near future!

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