Yesterday, we discussed the need to use a page designated for business. Let’s continue with a second insight on using Facebook for your business.

Use Imagery

We are a “visual society.” If you think about it, the last Facebook post you remember probably includes an image. In fact, 85% of all retention is through the eyes. Stimulate the vision of your consumer (like we did with that flower picture).

Enough science, back to marketing.

There is higher retention with Facebook posts that include images. So, use images when creating Facebook posts! You can do this by using free services like PicMonkey or Pagemodo. Also important is the content within the image. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid promotional phrases such as “buy now.” Instead, say something like “learn more” or “visit our page.”
  • Use high-quality photos that showcase your products. Poor quality photos reflect a poor quality product.
  • People tend to respond better to lifestyle images of people interacting with certain products or experiencing services. These images are more relatable. But, be careful. These “lifestyle images” can tend to be corny…(like the one we used for this blog).
  • Keep your sentences short and simple, providing a call to action. Quickly and simply instruct people what they need to do.
  • Use different photos and words to see which ones get the most response. Keep that in mind when creating the next image/post.

Facebook Presence=Sales Revenue

We'll tell you how!

Imagery Is Vital

Without question, Facebook is a huge part of our “image-driven” society. Not only does Facebook play a huge part in our society, but it also affects how your business reaches target consumers. It is VITAL to have a dominant Facebook presence for your business, and one of the ways to do that is with posts that contain imagery.

Let us help you with Facebook for your business. We’ll turn your Facebook presence into sales revenue.

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