The weekend is over and it’s here again. Monday. The most disliked day of the week. And if you’re thinking you’ll turn to Facebook to cheer you up, you may want to think again. There may actually be such thing as the Facebook blues! Recent research suggests that bad moods and negativity are easily spread on Facebook. So keep your bad case of the Mondays to yourself and avoid sharing it with your Facebook friends…you may just spare them a bad mood!

Facebook Fancy

Facebook is notorious for the ability to glamourize your life. Enjoying a 5 star dinner? Post a pic on Facebook. Staying at a fancy resort in Bora Bora? Check in on Facebook. Of course, this is all real nice for the people enjoying those luxuries, but what if you’re stuck at home enjoying a (2 star) bowl of Easy Mac (for the third night in a row)? Seeing all those fancy Facebook posts can really bring you down! Not to mention lead you to question your own life (and your choice of cuisine…).

At the end of the day, Facebook is a social network, meant for communication and sharing between friends. It is also easily customized, allowing you to choose the pages you follow, the friends you request and accept, and the content you share. That being said, use Facebook to your own liking, whether that is to post pictures of your exotic vacation (or to hide the people who are!) or check in at the local pizza joint (because you’re expanding your dining horizons past Easy Mac at home).

The Many Faces of Facebook

Facebook can be utilized several different ways. One way is by using Facebook to promote your business. What better way to attract new business than by posting to the most popular social networking site? To analyze your social media presence and get some ideas for improvement, request a social media analysis today by clicking HERE or on the image below. We’re here to help!

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