The Answer is Simple. Digital Marketing.

So I’m sure you’ve heard the latest MLB news story. A Yankee fan falls asleep at a game (embarrassingly asleep, might I add) and the cameras catch him. The announcers bring it to the attention of the viewing audience at home and now the sleeping fan is suing the MLB. We’ll stay tuned to how it turns out for the guy, but he got something all of us marketers (or people trying to market their own business) want. Exposure.

Digital marketing is only effective if you don't fall asleep!

Digital marketing is only effective if you don’t fall asleep. Stay consistent!

How can we stand out in the marketing world today? Without getting lost in all the brochures, direct mail, billboards and media ads? The answer is simple. Digital marketing.

Digital marketing, or inbound marketing, is about attracting your customers to you, as opposed to having to chase them down. By providing people with content they love (and where they love it), you can generate leads with the press of a button. Literally.

Give the People What They Want!

No one likes being interrupted by an ad or disturbed from a cold call. In fact, 86% of people entirely skip television ads. Consumers today want helpful content pertaining to their search. And that’s just what digital marketing provides. Digital marketing earns the attention of the consumer by supplying them with interesting content, specific to their individual need and place in the buying process. Finally, marketing people want, and more importantly, marketing they need!

People, especially people who are interested in buying something, are online. There has been a shift in power from the seller to the buyer. Gone are the days when a seller has the power by holding all the information about a product. Today, a buyer can search and find information online with nothing but a smart phone and a finger. So if online is where your potential buyers are, that’s where your marketing efforts should be too.

Online presence options are essentially endless. Social media is one way to attract a customer base by building a following and promoting an offer. Optimizing your website using SEO best practices to rank high on the search engine results can also gain exposure for your business or brand. Blogging is another way to attract customers by providing them with helpful, interesting, or entertaining content. Using online advertising tools such as Google AdWords or AdRoll can also increase the traffic to your website, resulting in greater awareness for your customers (both current and potential).

Digital Marketing Makes Sense

The logic behind digital marketing makes sense. Market in the location your customers are and help them find what they need, in a way they find most helpful. But don’t fall asleep like the Yankee fan, people need to see current, relevant content for digital marketing to really benefit your business and result in closed sales.

If you would like more information on how to begin your digital marketing campaign, download our free checklist to discover the steps of digital marketing. Click HERE or on the image below!

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