Email marketing. What do you think of it? It quite a fancy title for email, isn’t it? Do you fill a person’s inbox with annoying junk OR provide worthwhile and relevant information that somewhere along the way they requested? It’s a fine line, and we walk that tightrope carefully by making those e-mails short, sweet and splendid! Done right, they can be amazingly effective!


Or shall we call it the new snail mail? But don’t run away quite yet! Did you know email has a return on investment (ROI) of over 4000%! It still is one of the main ways you can reach your prospects, leads, and clients. So let’s make it exciting!


When done the right way, email marketing is a vital part of your business’ inbound marketing mix. It is about providing those people who have reached out to you, whether by visiting your website or through social media connections, with valuable content that is relevant to them. Yet another way to create a relationship with potential customers and generate leads!


No one wants to receive a spam email, which is why email marketing is only effective if done the right way. People will only open an email if they believe the content is relevant or of value to them. This is why email formatting, personalization, and subject lines are of high importance when sending emails for marketing purposes. Also important is the sender of the email. People are more likely to open an email if it is from a name email address than a no reply email address. In comparison, it is important for emails to begin with the name of the recipient and end formally followed by the name of the sender. The email recipients must also be grouped according to the content they’ve requested to receive



So does that mean you have to go through each of your individual contacts and create an email specific to them? No, there’s a program for that! However, the person operating the email program should be educated in the components of a good email and how to properly format that email. If not, email marketing could have negative effects on a business.


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